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Monday, February 21, 2011

row command in griedview C#

*********RowCommand_event of Gridview*************
Step1: Add the gridview in your .aspx page.
    <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server"  AutoGenerateColumns="false"          
            <asp:BoundField DataField="EMPID" HeaderText="EmployeeID" />
         <asp:BoundField DataField="FirstName" HeaderText="FirstName" />
            <asp:BoundField DataField="LastName" HeaderText="LastName" />
            <asp:BoundField DataField="Address" HeaderText="Address" />
            <asp:BoundField DataField="Mobile" HeaderText="Mobile" />
            <asp:Button ID="btnSelect" runat="server" Text="Select" CommandName="Select" CommandArgument='<%# Eval("Mobile") %>' />

        <asp:Label ID="lblMessage" runat="server"></asp:Label>   
        <asp:TextBox ID="txtMobile" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>

step 2:- your .aspx.cs page.

NOTE:- this is my connection string which is using in below coding you can use your own to modify it in your web.config file.
My connectiion string is.

    <add name="mycon" connectionString="data source=SHIVAMGUPTA; initial catalog=operation; integrated security=true;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>

**********************your code behind part.*********************

public partial class SelectGridColumn : System.Web.UI.Page

SqlConnection con;
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        string conection;
        conection = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["mycon"].ConnectionString.ToString();
        con = new SqlConnection(conection);
        if (!IsPostBack)

    protected void FillGrid()
        SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("select * from employee", con);
        GridView1.DataSource = cmd.ExecuteReader();

    protected void GridView1_RowCommand(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e)
        if (e.CommandName == "Select")
            txtMobile.Text = Convert.ToString(e.CommandArgument);
            lblMessage.Text = "this the mobile no of selected row!";


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